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Chess is Life
Chess is Life


Chess is Life


Summary: The Chess club is an extracurricular activity that meets during lunch. 

Purpose: The purpose of the Carolina Forest International Elementary Chess Club is to provide a forum in which chess players of all skill levels can exercise their talents and develop their knowledge of the game and strategic and critical thinking skills.  Participation also promotes good character and sportsmanship.


Tryouts for the all 3rd-5th grade chess teams take place in late September/ early October. Practice will take place during lunch through April. It is important to remember that all students who made the chess team will be required to practice and will be competing weekly to be one of the students who will go to the chess tournament in the spring. (2nd-3rd team has five members and 4th-5th team has six members).


Chess instruction is given for all 2nd graders during the first nine weeks. The top eight students who quickly pick up and apply chess strategies are selected for our Chess Team and will receive advance lessons.  These students will complete throughout the year for a chance to represent the team in our Onslow County Tournament this Spring.